University at Albany

Albany 3
The University at Albany’s East Campus is home to Provenire Authentication. The University, also known as SUNY Albany, lies in the New York’s Capital.

The Chung Research Group at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Rensselaer 1
The Chung Research Group, led by Dr. Aram Chung, is collaborating is with Provenire Authentication to provide microfluidic support. Dr. Chung is an expert in microfluidics and is co-developing the physical assets that will be placed on the works of art.

ARIS Title Insurance Corporation

The ARIS Title Insurance Corporation sells title insurance in the $55-billion-a-year insurance market. ARIS is a subsidiary of the Argo Group (NASDAQ: AGII) and is directed by company Chairman Lawrence Shindell.